Friday, April 10

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative Stress is not something that many people know about. While oxidation is a part of our body’s normal process - combining elements of oxygen, which cause free radicals to produce. The problem with free radicals is they destroy the healthy cells of the body. This is why it's important to consume antioxidants day.

I wrote an article about oxidative stress that I would recommend people read because it goes into further detail.

I have seriously been eating poorly lately so I know my body is under severe oxidative stress. As a result, I've decided to go on a 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse (products are from Young Living) which will cleanse my body of toxins and remove the cravings for bad food. I started the fast today and I'm detailing my experiences while on the fast on my Fresh Radiant Skin blog.

I suggest that anyone who eats poorly do a cleanse quarterly. Not only do I suggest that, the experts do as well. The 5 Day cleanse will take care of the oxidative stress my body has been under. Part of the cleanse is to consume NingXa Red a super antioxidant drink along with therapeutic grade essential oils and NingXa Wolfberries which are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Fight oxidative stress today ad restore a healthier you.


  1. Hey Michelle - just dropped by for support. Hope your 1st day of cleansing is going well. Most interested to read more about it and hear how you fared.

  2. Hi - let's just say it's going! Go by the fresh radiant skin blog and you'll see. I can't wait until Wednesday!

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy to meet you as well. Great post Michelle and all so true.Cleansing is a good method of freeing the body from harmful illness but it's also a good antidote for healing the mind. Love this post. I will follow your blog.

    May the Grace of the Lord continue to fall upon you daily.
    P.S. Have a bless Easter!

  4. Thanks so much Michelle for the nomination. It means the world to me. To know that others enjoy my blog is the best gift of all. As a new mom inventor life has shown me lemons but I thank God that he has help to turn them into lemonade for me. I pray that he will put someone before that will help me reach my goal of helping all the children become incontinent free. That day will come soon. I'm glad to see the lemons in my life Michelle because each lemon has been a blessing... rather I wanted it to happen or not. That's why life is so Priceless!!

    Until next time: God Bless

    P.S. Hows the cleansing going?

  5. The cleansing is going well. I'm finally at a place where I don't feel so overwhelmed to eat. Plus someone gave me a great tip about adding therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil to my water. Apparently, peppermint sends a sign to the brain that you are full. I'm going to blog more about the various oils when I'm done with the cleanse. I'm updating about the cleanse on my other blog Fresh Radiant skin.

    I'm going to add your blog to this Stress Relief One as well

  6. You have so much information on your blog I would like to thank you for giving me this award.

  7. Dropping by to say hello, pray all is well! Hope you are taking sometime to enjoy your Sunday:)))

  8. NO rest for the weary :)
    I'm actually working on my blog post for this blog right now. Just updated the blogs for fresh radiant skin, work at home and stresshelper (wordpress).

    I also just finished doing some updating and tweaking on my two websites and

    I will settle down with the kids and watch a movie in a bit.



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