Thursday, April 30

Healthy Heart E-Course

I was recently thinking of ways to offer my customers and website visitors informative content relating to stress relief and to help combat stress. That's when I decided to actually take it a step further and not only provide valuable stress relief information but provide really valuable stress relief information AND information to improve one's health.

I'm proud to introduce you to my new Healthy Heart E-course. This e-course consists of 5 days of solid content that I have researched and compiled together. The Healthy Heart E-course is going to be one of many e-courses I offer to help people live healthier, more productive lives with less stress. In the case of the Healthy Heart E-course, less stress on the body, specifically the heart. Here's what is covered in the Healthy Heart E-course:

* How to Create Heart Friendly Health Habits
* Heart friendly foods for a healthy heart
* Foods to avoid to maintain a healthy heart
* How to Raise Your HDLs
* Reduce your life stress to protect your heart
* Healthy Heart Recipes!

The Healthy Heart E-course is complimentary for all who choose to subscribe. It's my way of providing my customers and visitors with vital information. Some may be wondering why I'm offering the information for free if it's so vital. The answer is simple and straight forward. This e-course is helpful for it's subscribers but it's also helpful for me to establish my expertise in the area of stress relief. I have no hidden agenda. There it is laid out on the table. Not only that, but at the the end of the Healthy Heart E-course I am offering an e-book at a nominal charge which compiles the information from the e-book in one place AND also offers additional information such as additional healthy heart resources, a host of healthy heart recipes and a special audio message.

There are good things in life that are for free so subscribe to the5 day Healthy Heart E-course today.

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