Saturday, April 25

Advertise Your Blog for Free!

I came across a great way to earn a little extra "cheddar" for advertising on your blog. Of course, while making money off your blog is a good thing, it is still better to provide your readers with useful content that they can actually benefit from.

So, while I am a little off topic for my blog right now, I wanted to get the word out about Blogsvertise. Blogsvertise is a resource for you to advertise products and services on your blog as well as promote your website. After setting up your account, the process is simple and laid out. You are sent via email a website url along with a brief note about it. All you have to do is mention the website in your blog and provide at least 3 links to the website in your blog entry. That's it. Of course, your blog entry must be permanent. No funny business. You don't have to endorse any products or services. All you have to do is give it a little buzz, meaning talk about it.

Did I mention you can also earn income from your blog's journal entry? All you need to earn money after blogging, is to have a PayPal account. Now, I know you are all wondering how much you will be paid to do this. Well, currently Blogsvertise is paying $4 - $25 per entry for new accounts and based on the task assigned. You must complete the task, submit it to Blogsvertise for approval and once approved, you'll be paid for your blogging. To read more about the program, visit Blogsvertise's FAQ Page.

Register with Blogsvertise today and start making money on your blog!

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