Saturday, January 23

Massage Stone Sale!

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Remember the benefits of Massage Stones I shared from my recent posts: Hot Stones Improve Energy and Improve Pain and Contrasting Cold and Hot Stones and How They Can Help You

Now you can pick up the Hot or Cold Stone of your choice at a 10% savings. 

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Have a Happy and Safe Weekend,

Thursday, January 21

Contrasting Cold & Hot Stones and How They Can Help You

The reason I started this blog was not just to sell products. On the contrary, it is my goal to also educate people on the importance of how to care for the body once it has encountered illness or injury. With that, the other day I wrote a post about Hot Stones and how they can benefit you.  Did you see it?  I hope so because at some time or another in your life, you will experience pain and popping pills is not the safe way to go.

Today I want to share with you the benefits of cold stones.

Monday, January 18

Hot Stones Improve Energy and Ease Pain

A little over a week ago, I introduced a new line of massage stones offered at
What I provide you with was an overview of sorts but now I'd like to break down the two types of massage stone therapy that are offered: Hot and Cold Stones

Let's look specifically at hot stones and how they can help a number of painful conditions.

Wednesday, January 13

Stress and Pain All Wrapped Into One

I never thought I'd be sharing a personal stress and pain story but this is one outlet where I can share my story and not have to worry about somebody making a "decision" on it.

I won't get into all the details but the last few days have been stressful and also painful emotionally.

3 years ago my husband was viciously beaten by 6 police officers.  Some may think, "Well what did he do?"  Other than have a flip mouth toward the police nothing.  And the last time I checked, that wasn't a crime.

Well today we had our day in court. Yes we sued the police department and the City of Yonkers.  To sit and listen to the lies was very painful.  My daughter and I both gave an account of exactly what happened and those lying cops gave their account.

Our one consolation is that we know the truth and God is on our side.  Also, our attorney proved that the cops were lying.  How is it that they lie to Internal Affairs and say they didn't hit my husband and then admit on the stand after being pushed that they stomped him in the face?  That's a very big deal. On top of that for the cops to say that they didn't see any of their fellow officers hit him yet he was all beat up and they had no marks or injuries yet they say he fought them.

That's very stressful and painful.  Cops took an oath to serve and protect.  Now, I know all cops are not bad but this really has us on the defense against them.

Through this stressful ordeal over the past 3 years, I've learned the only way we have survived and maintained some peace is to keep our trust and faith in God.

The jury will continual deliberating tomorrow and I expect a positive outcome.  I will let you all know.  The evidence speaks.

Wednesday, January 6

Knock Out The Kinks with Massage Stones

You know that getting a massage is the (thee for emphasis!) way to go when you need some good old fashion stress relief.  If you don't know then you should try it if even just a mini massage at one of those kiosks at the mall.

Adding massage stones increases the effectiveness of a massage.  The massage stones allow for a deep tissue manipulation that a regular massage can not match.

Massage therapists are well versed on the effectiveness of massage stones. However, getting a professional hot or cold stone massage can be a little pricey.  Also, massage stones can be used for a number of treatments other than massage.

There are a number of at home treatments you can experience with massage stones that go beyond the typical massage:

* Palm/Manicure treatments
* Tension release in the neck
* Easing of menstrual cramps
* Reduction of swollen eyes
* Relaxation of the thighs and buttocks

The type of home treatment you are interested in will determine the type of stone you will use. Basalt stones.  Marble stones are used for hot stone treatments and are used for cold stone treatments.


Hot Basalt stones are used to release rigid tight muscles in the palms of the hands just before getting a manicure

Cold Marble stones can be used therapeutically to reduce swelling and wrinkles around the eye area

Click the link to view an assortment of Hot and Cold Massage stones.
Michelle Howard Smith is a stress and management professional.  Stepping out of the traditional way of addressing physical and mental challenges, Michelle offers a wealth of wisdom in her complimentary monthly Stress Less Newsletter.   Subscribe today and receive a free health report along with access to special deals on alternative health products.

Monday, January 4

Being Alone Doesn't Have To Mean Being Lonely

Well 2010 is here and while it's a new year, if you have issues with loneliness, the new year won't be any different unless you change your outlook.

The most lonely day of the year for many is Valentine's Day.  February 14th is a day where sweethearts everywhere express their love in a variety of of gifts, going out on special dates etc.  But what if you don't have a sweetheart?  What if on the most romantic day of the year, you are alone?
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