Saturday, April 25

Breathing Meditation

Every day of our lives we experience some form of stress, and at different levels. You could be driving home from work and get stuck in traffic, thereby changing your plans. That can cause stress.

Sometimes, we have so much to do and so many responsibilities that we forget to slow down and take care of ourselves. We often neglect ourselves for others which can also cause stress.

Breathing meditation has immeasurable benefits, and is widely used to relieve the daily stress we face. Breathing meditation is an effective way to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve the immune system. Breathing meditation has also been used to help people break bad habits such as smoking.

Meditation promotes an inner balance and calms the mind and the body. Once you are relaxed, focus on your breathing and slow it down to the point where you are in a deep meditative state. After a short period of breathing meditation, you feel renewed and the anxiety and stress is either reduced or eliminated. Note that it will take a few sessions to get the technique just right, but it is worth the effort to work towards obtaining significant stress relief on the days when you are being overwhelmed by the many responsibilities of your life.

In order for breathing meditation to be effective, it requires you to engage in this practice on a daily basis. The more you practice breathing meditation, the better you will become at relaxing and calming your mind. You can do this breathing exercise at home, at work, or while traveling. All you need is a quiet place. While traveling, you can put on ear phones to block out noise.

No matter what you are doing during the course of the day, take ten minutes to quiet your mind in order to relieve whatever stress or anxiety you are experiencing. Just as you take care of others’ needs, it is just as important to concentrate on your own well being. Give breathing meditation a try.

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  1. Michelle,
    Stress relief is also an important part of a comprehensive weight loss program. If you would like to post an article on my blog with links to yours I would appreciate that.

    Be Blessed Sister.


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