Wednesday, April 2

Hi Everyone- While some stress is a normal part of every day life, occuring too often can be life threatening. I'm interested in hearing from people, what cause of stress people are experiencing.
I'll share a stressful moment I've experienced recently and welcome others to build upon it. In a nutshell, the stock market ! Aside from being concerned about my retirement account I have been really concerned about my children's education savings plan. It's bad enough that it costs a fortune to send a child to college but to have your hard earned money snatched away by the stock market is just too much. Every day I find that I'm checking to see if the market is up or down and it is downright stressful! It's to a point where I moved most of my money into conservative funds (can anybody say money market !) because I do not want to deal with the stress of every day wondering if the market is going to drop significantly . Now, I'm just sitting on the side lines waiting to see what happens next. I can't take the stress. I realize the stock market is truly not for the faint at heart. So, no more stress here. I've removed myself from it for the time being. Now, I'm just relaxing and taking it easy. Can anybody say massage? Ahhh.

Stress & Bitterness

Jealousy and Envy breed bitterness and bitterness will cause you stress. It's important to not allow jeaousy and envy to cause a root of bitterness to spring forth. Eliminate jealous and envy, eliminate bitterness. Eliminate bitterness, eliminate stress. Studies have show that stress can kill...heart disease, heart attacks, anneurisms. Is it really worth it to hold on to such things that could potentially cause death??? I don't know who is reading this or who I may be helping out there but please know that I started this blog so that people could get informed and to also contribute by informing others about the dangers of stress and ways to help manage stress. That is why this forum is not audited. I want people to freely express themselves. Now of course, I'll have to remove foul language and anything that is disrespectful to others but for the most part, this forum is for people to really dig in and express their concerns, thoughts and ideas about stress and stress relief.

Even if you can not elminate all stress from your life, you can manage it. Managing stress is vital. Remember, there is always someone more worse off than you. Any thoughts??
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