Monday, April 6

For the Love of Peppermint!

I never thought I’d be writing about loving peppermint. The candies always reminded me of old people. When I was younger my grandmothers always had peppermints on hand in church for when they got dry throat and started coughing LOL.

Ok all jokes aside I was introduced to Young Living Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil about a week or so ago. Actually I was introduced to an array of oils manufactured by Young Living but I want to share my experience with each oil/product in a different post so as not to confuse anyone. Also, just a note that Therapeutic Grade is very pure and unlike what you find in the pharmacies or health food stores. That stuff is water compared to what I'm about to share.

I received my order of Peppermint Essential Oil on Saturday (April 4, 2009) and I couldn’t wait to use it because I have been experiencing seasonal allergies with tons of coughing, congestion and I even lost my sense of taste/smell for a couple of days. I will keep it short and sweet and straight to the point. Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil is some POWERFUL stuff! Just one drop in the palm of the hand and inhaled was enough to pop my lungs wide open. The chest congestion I had been experiencing was significantly reduced with just one inhalation. Then to top that off, the Essential Oils Guide Book says that Peppermint Essential Oil can be used for sinus congestion. So, as per the instructions I applied one drop to my temples, forehead and back of my neck. What an amazing experience. Not only was I able to breathe much clearer, I slept better. It's as if my head was surround by a cool aura. I also used a drop of peppermint on the tip of my tongue. One drop on Saturday, One drop on Sunday and by Sunday night I completely had my sense of taste back!

The difference with the peppermint candies from my grandma’s days and this therapeutic grade essential oil of peppermint is dramatic. It’s not so much a sweet scent as it is a pure crisp freshness. I’ll not leave home without my peppermint!

If you are interested in experiencing the power of “For the Love of Peppermint” (sorry but I’m renaming it to this for personal reasons!), you can pick up Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil at Young Living. You’ll need to subscribe to purchase with a distributor #. You can use distributor # 1066504. I hope you enjoy and benefit from it as much as I do.

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