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Chi Health Products

For a few days I side tracked from a previous post which stated I would introduce the category and products available on Reviyve's Natural Stress Relief site. I already touched a bit on Magnet Therapy, Massage and Aromatherapy. While I am going to return to talking about our aromatherapy products, therapeutic essential oils and how they are beneficial, today I want to introduce you to our Chi Health Products.

Chi is short for and stands for Chinese "vital energy" so these products are basically alternative health products that the Chinese promote in their health practices. Just to give you a bit of background about traditional Chinese medicine - the Chinese believe that sicknesses and infirmities are attributed primarily to imbalances in the chi (vital life functions) of the body. Most people have heard of acupuncture which is a technique that helps to alleviate pain. The Chinese believe that the technique is actually restoring an imbalance which leads to the alleviation of pain.

While it is not determined that Chi Health Products are re-balancing specific imbalances, it is however determined that Chi Health Products are quite effective for alleviating pain and various other conditions in a safe manner.

At Reviyve's Natural Stress Relief Alternatives website, you will find a number of Chi Health Products that help to alleviate joint pain, neck pain and even help for sleep disorders.

Chi Knee & Joint Heat Pad:

The Chi Knee & Joint Heating Pad is portable and easy to use. There are no wires. It contains infrared technology and can be microwaved for fast heating. We also carry the Chi Heating Belt to treat larger areas such as the shoulders

BENEFITS: Helps to loosen sore muscles by heating up the affected areas. The result is alleviated stress and tension

Chi Alternative Neck Pain Relief - Neck Traction Device:
This is quite a nifty device and it's so safe because you have control over how much pressure to apply. It comes in a basic design. The image to your left is the Pro II and is excellent for relieving neck pain by gently stretching the muscles and joints.

BENEFITS: Loosens tight muscles, prevents bad posture, helps ease pain from degenerative discs and joints, alleviates tension headaches.

Chi Dream Sleep Aid:
This chi health product is unique in that it is one of few that can help improve your sleep without the dangerous side effects of medication. The Chi Dream Sleep Aid functions according to the priciples behind acupuncture. It contains a vibrating motor that provides a pulse to the acupuncture pressure points on the wrist.

BENEFITS: Improved circulation, Reduced Stress, Better Sleep

Chi Snore Stopper:
This is another portable chi health product like the Chi Dream Sleep Aid. It contains a biosensor that sends a safe electrical pulse to the wrist, thereby stimulating the nerves on the skin WITHOUT waking you up. The brain receives a signal, and you subconsciously change your posture of sleep.

BENEFITS: Improves quality of sleep, Reduces your risks of
health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and fatigue - all potential problems from snoring

Chi Spa Aromatherapy Diffuser:
This diffuser is special because it is a state of the art, multifunctional diffuser. It not only diffuses essential oils, it also functions as a humidifier, an atomizer, AND an air purifier!

BENEFITS: Helps improve your respiratory system by improving your air quality, provides fresh, oxygenated air

So there you have it. The Chi Health Products available at We also carry Chinese Cupping Sets but we have those categorized under our Personal Massage category which I will introduce you to in a few days.

Have a Stress Free Day!

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