Tuesday, September 29

These Behaviors Identify Stress

In further examining stress and it's effects on life, it's important to identify certain behaviors that could potentially identify stress in your life:
  1. A lack of concentration
  2. Anger
  3. Irritability
  4. Insomnia / sleep disorders
  5. Nervousness
  6. Fear and phobias
  7. Eating Disorders 
  8. Erratic behavior (ex: crying for no reason)
  9. Taking drugs, drinking, illicit sexual activity
  10. Feelings of betrayal
  11. Feeling ashamed
  12. Guilty feelings
  13. Loneliness
If you can identify with these behaviors that may indicate severe stress in your life, don't ignore them.  Seek professional help and look for ways to practically reduce stress in your life.  My Learning Center has a number of stress management articles available to help assist.

Michelle Howard Smith is a stress and pain relief professional helping individuals to address health from a natural perspective. She distributes Young Living essential oils under distributor # 1066504. Subscribe to The Stress Less newsletter to receive information on stress and pain management.

Wednesday, September 23

Stress - Things to Consider

As a stress and alternative pain relief infopreneur, I thought it befitting to do a series on stress and pain relief.  I won't make each post very long, just long enough for you to digest the points and ponder them over until the next point.

Starting with the topic of stress, there are some things that you really need to know.  Some of them you may already know.  Others may be an eye opener or even a refresher.  In any case, if you are going to be successful at managing your stress levels or meeting stress head on by using some techniques I'll share down the line, then you must first be armed with guess what? INFORMATION.  Yippee my favorite word.

Let's get started.  What is Stress? 

A simplified yet very practical definition is: Stress is physical, chemical, or emotional pressure causing your body or mind to experience tension that may result in disease or illness.

Now that's a pretty serious definition.  Think about it for a while.  I'll be back in a couple of days to build upon it.

Thursday, September 17

Pain and Stress are brothers

I started to say that pain and stress are sisters but hey I'm a woman. Why would I equate two such annoying and disturbing conditions with women? Nope. The men can have those titles (sorry fellas).

Anyway, I've been really busy for the last week or so. I've been promoting my beauty brand, Blended Naturals and also attended a beauty tour and blog summit. That's why I haven't had as much time to devote to writing here and dumping my brain with topics on stress and pain.

While I will say that stress has been a close companion this last week or so. It's mainly because I have so much to do with not enough time. I have to evaluate a number of beauty products and brands, write reviews and also work on my search engine optimization for my websites. I am a one woman show so some things have to wait.

What I wanted to give you today is more of a nugget to chew on and think about:

"If you stop to think, pain that is caused from an injury, illness or surgery can result in tremendous levels of stress. Even if all is well in your world, if you are in pain your mind and emotions can be overwhelmed. Stress and pain are brothers!"

Think about that. Mull it over and let me know your thoughts. I'll start writing more in the next week or so. I'd also like to know what topics you would like for me to write about. Share!

Friday, September 11

Detox Your Mind for Stress Relief

I'm off the organization kick and on the detox kick now. There are so many ways for you to find stress relief that I am going to share as many as I can find and share them with you.

Today I want to talk about detoxing your mind with aromatherapy for stress relief.

There are ten key therapeutic essential oils beneficial for detoxifying your mind:

Atlas Cedarwood

These therapeutic essential oils are very potent and can be administered for stress relief in 3 main ways:
  • Diluted with a carrier oil such as almond oil followed by a full body massage
  • Added to bath water for a relaxing soak that allows the oils to penetrate your skin, traveling through your bloodstream for natural wellness
  • Added to steaming hot water for inhalation
In a few days I will talk about another way to help ease stress...Relaxing breathing techniques

Michelle Howard Smith is a stress and pain relief professional helping individuals to address health from a natural perspective. She distributes Young Living essential oils under distributor # 1066504. Subscribe to The Stress Less newsletter to receive information on stress and pain management.

Monday, September 7

The Easiest Way to Organize Your Closet

Last week I started on this organizing kick to help avoid the stress of disorganization. One of the most stressful encounters can be when you get up in the morning and can't find a thing to wear! That's when you know it's either time to go shopping for a new wardrobe because you've outgrown the old one or maybe you just need to do some good ole closet organizing.

Let's say you have put on a little weight. That doesn't mean everything you have doesn't fit. However, it does mean you need to organize your closet and get rid of some things. Not only clothes either. Maybe your shoes and purses are no longer in fashion. You need to work through those as well.

First, to organize your closet start by working on different things at a time. Some will say you should empty out the entire closet but let's make it easier. Rather than empty it out and make a bigger mess, start with the floor. Pull out all those shoes, boxes, falling bags and whatever else may be hiding amongst the dust bunnies. Go through those items and dump or give away what's no longer fashionable, can't fit or damaged beyond repair.

Second, tackle your closet shelves one at a time. Backtracking a bit, if you don't have them already, pick up some plastic shoe boxes and/or hat boxes to help you organize items such as purses and hats! Yes, and of course other things that you have hidden away up in the top of your closet. You can hang your purses by size smallest first - if you have hooks

Lastly, it's time to go through your clothes. Pair up shirts, blazers, skirts and pants together that match. This way you won't have as much difficulty finding a complete outfit each morning. Another way is to put all the shirts together on one side of the closet, followed by the blazers, then the pants, then the skirts and dresses (assuming you wear them). It's all about your personal choice. Just make sure you give away or throw away anything you can't fit or haven't worn in at least 6 months. You probably won't ever wear them again.

Send clothing that needs to be repaired (if you still fit it), or cleaned to the cleaners and when you pick them up, always take the plastic off. The chemical residue picked up at the cleaners is not good for you to inhale.

Now, I want to hear from anyone else who has organizing tips. Organizing helps avoid stress. Of course, not major stress but hey. Address the things you can control. Don't just leave it up to fate. You'll have plenty of other things that you can't control. 'Toodles and til next time....

Michelle Howard Smith is a stress and pain relief professional helping individuals to address health from a natural perspective. Subscribe to The Stress Less newsletter to receive information on stress and pain management.

Thursday, September 3

Increase Energy and Improve Mood

A new all natural product that is supposed to increase energy and improve your mood is in pre-launch to be launched this weekend to the public. I came across this information in one of my professional groups on Linked-In.

For 1 week samples will be offered at
http://www.StressFreeHomeBusiness.com. It has been reported that over 80% of participants are seeing results the very 1st week and over 95% the second week. I don't have the details on this but since the product is all natural perhaps you'd be interested in checking it out. If you are feeling Tired, Stressed, or Depressed visit http://www.StressFreeHomeBusiness.com today to sign up for the free trial.

For therapeutic stress relief products that are not ingested such as massagers, aromatherapy and alternative pain relievers, visit http://stressreliefbyrv.com

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