Sunday, May 31

Safe Stress and Pain Relief

Happy Sunday! A few days ago I left you with the following questions to ponder:
  1. What type of stress am I under?
  2. How do I handle pain?
  3. Do I take medication more than once per week for pain?
  4. Is it really safe for me to take medication for pain?
I hope you took the time to really ponder your answers to these questions. The purpose was not to for me to be deep but to for you to be deep, to get you to look at how you manage pain and stress. I want to show you that you don't have to manage or handle your stress and pain the way the rest of the world does - the common ways that are not even safe for you.
There IS a Safe and Effective Way to Manage Stress and Pain.

The Solution is quite simple and nothing new really. Your Safe Effective way to manage stress and pain lies in Alternative Health Products. See, I told you it was nothing earth shattering. Most of you probably even figured it out before I wrote this post. There are different types of Alternative Health Products but the ones I have found to be effective are Chi Health Products, Magnetic Therapy Products and TDP Lamps.

Magnetic Therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Magnetic therapy treatment is recommended for the relief of joint and muscle pain, inflammation and stiffness. Magnetic therapy treatment has been shown to help speed up the healing process.

Chi Health Products are alternative health products that the Chinese promote in their health practices. The Chinese believe that sicknesses and infirmities are attributed primarily to imbalances in the chi (vital life functions) of the body.

TDP Lamps focus on providing deep heat which reduces inflammation and facilitates the stimulation of the warmth and comfort of another actual person.

Here is what I'd like to offer my readers. If you are experiencing stress or pain, First I would like for you to try an alternative health or alternative pain relief product. You have 30 days to try one of these products and if you are not completely satisfied, I will take the product back, no questions asked. The only cost you will incur is the cost to have the product shipped to you. You will not even have to pay to ship it back. Isn't that fair? Second, To Help You even further I want to offer you 10% Off Any of the Alternative Health Products available on the site. That's how convinced I am based on my own personal use of the Alternative Pain Relief Products. Just Use Coupon Code STBLGR and 10% will automatically be deducted from your total order. This offer is good Only Until April 10th. Buy Stress Relief and Alternative Pain Relief Products Now

I am Offering a Third Bonus to anyone willing to try one of these alternative health products. After you have used your Alternative Health Product for a while (I don't anticipate you returning it), I would love it if you would write and share your story. As a matter of fact, my partner has an international radio show and I will arrange for you to share your story live on the radio. This could be free press for your business as well, if you have one.

Shop for Alternative Health Products Here

Have A Stress Free, Pain Free Awesome Day!

Friday, May 29

Your Stress and Your Pain - Closely Related

Did you know that Stress and Pain are so closely related they can be likened unto twin brothers (After all, females can't possibly be associated with pain or stress) Behind every cause of pain is a form of stress. Not convinced? Let me prove it to you.

Stressful Scenario #1

Your boss told you if you were late for work one more time, you'd be docked for pay. Of course your alarm clock didn't go off like you told it too (stupid clock) and you are now running to catch your bus. Running to the catch the bus down the hill you lose footing, fall and fracture your ankle. You are now in excruciating pain and find out after a 3 hour wait in the emergency room, that you have a stress fracture. The stress of putting pressure on your foot made your ankle give way and your bones couldn't handle it. You were initially under pressure (stress) to catch that bus so you wouldn't be late for work. You started off stress (slight pressure to be on time) and you ended up with more stress - pressure added to your flesh causing pain, more stress. OK, so maybe this scenario is a bit glum and extreme (entirely possible though)

How about a more common scenario:

You've been at work all day staring at a computer screen and you are now experiencing neck or back pain. Sitting in one position trying to accomplish many tasks and do a good job is now reflecting signs in your physical body. While a neck ache may not be as severe as a franctured bone, the reason the neck is hurting in the first place is because of stress applied to the muscles (sitting in one place for an extended period of time)

So, now that you see how closely stress and pain are related, what's the first thing you do when you are in pain? You seek some sort of relief right? Do you take a pill to make the pain go away? What if I told you there's a safer way to obtain stress relief? Hmm, well you are going to have to read this Sunday's post to find out the answer to that. I'm not trying to make you sweat here. I just want you to take some time to absorb what I just told you. Take a couple of days to examine your life and answer these 4 questions:
  1. What type of stress am I under?
  2. How do I handle pain?
  3. Do I take medication more than once per week for pain?
  4. Is it really safe for me to take medication for pain?
I'll be back in a couple of days to help you out with some of those answers. Until then....

Stress Less & Be Blessed

Monday, May 25

Honoring on Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, the day we honor those who have lost their lives serving our country in military service. It's a beautiful day here in New York, a perfect day for a parade.

While some may find this day to be a sad day due to the loss of a loved one who served in Iraq or other war, be encouraged. Your loved one provided a priceless service to this nation. Because of their sacrifice, many people have the freedom to live peaceful lives.

I want to say that it does not matter if the person lost their life after one year or ten years of service, this nation would not be as fruitful as it has been. In spite of the recession, in spite of the horrific things that go on day to day, the U.S. of A. is still the greatest country on the planet. Ok, some may not agree. That's just my humble opinion. Of course, there are other great nations but since I'm in the USA and I benefit from what goes on in this nation more than others, that's my vote! I don't like everything that goes on here but in spite of it, I can walk around a free black woman.

Thank God for our Service Men and Women

Wednesday, May 20

Stress Relief for Father's Day

This father's day, why not give stress or pain relief as a father's day gift? Fathers are often overlooked on father's day for various reasons. Mother's day is always the big parent day of the year but it's time to show some appreciation to dads even if it's just to thank them for contributing life.

You will find a great alternative pain relief or massage gift for dad at great prices at There, you'll find a unique assortment of father's day gifts, that are not available or are hard to find in stores. Use Discount Code DADDYO thru June 12th and Save 10%.

Fathers that are up in age or experiencing physical problems that cause pain will enjoy and be thankful for stress relief or alternative pain relief items such as Joint Heating Pads, Chi Suction Cupping Sets, and Magnetic Back Support Pads. Give dad a Snore Stopper for father's day and mom (or his significant other) will thank you!

Monday, May 18

Pets feel Stress Too

If you have a cat or a dog, you know how much a part of the family these little characters can be. I used to have a dog but now I have a cat. I've had 3 cats and 2 dogs in my life. One cat is still liveing but the others are deceased. It's very difficult to watch your pet experience any kind of stress or pain.

While animals don't experience the same type of stress that humans do, they certainly do experience stress from various types of pain such as from an illness, accident or operation. Dogs are so in tuned with people that some people actually treat them better than they do their family members. Dogs are loyal for the most part and as owners, we need to take care of them the best that we can.

When it comes to pain, just like us humans, we need to be careful how we treat that pain. Medication is sometimes necesary for certain health conditions but as far as easing that pain, there is safe alternative pain relief.....Magnetic Therapy for Pets.
Magnetic Therapy products for pets provides safe alternative pain relief and effectively eases discomfort. Magnetic therapy pads and wraps can be used on aching body parts of dogs and cats just as they can be used on humans. As your pet gets older, he or she may experience arthritis. Applying a Magnetic Comfort Wrap or Magnetic Pad can be very effective easing pain with no side effects.

Consider a Magnetic Pet Bed constructed of genuine shearling for your dog to provide the little fella with supreme orthopaedic and therapeutic comfort. Based on the size of your dog or your cat, you can get the magnetic pet bed that's just the right size.

Wednesday, May 13

Choosing no to Stress

When you don't know what to do, what do you do? When you don't have wisdom what do you do? Do you stress and worry? I had 4 days of challenging circumstances and while they were very stressful and I found myself on the brink of crying because I didn't know what to do, my husband made me realize that I needed to collect myself and realize that stressing out over my circumstances was not helping and certainly didn't change anything.

My car's transmission imploded after 10 years. It was such a personal experience for me because that was my first car and we have been places together. This car knows things that I've done that nobody else does! I cried because I had to say goodbye. At the end of it all, I didn't know what to do but after some of God's favor and direction, I chose not to stress. Walking in a peaceful frame of mind is a choice.

Choose not to stress when you don't know what to do. Look to God for wisdom and favor and He'll lead you and show you what to do when you don't know what to do.

Be Blessed,

Thursday, May 7

Ankle Stress Fractures

Did you know that your ankles and feet have a high risk of stress fractures if any of the following conditions applies?:
  • You play high impact sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis
  • You run track
  • You have decreased bone mass due to hormonal imbalances
  • You are a dancer
  • You had a previous ankle injury
Stress fractures are a small fracture that occur in the bone as a result of your muscles lacking the ability to absorb the shock from a high impact.

Some symptoms that indicate that you may have an ankle stress fracture are:
  • General, unexplained swelling throughout the foot and ankle

  • Difficulty walking on the foot/ankle without feeling pain

  • Pain, bruising or a popping sensation in the ankle directly after an injury

  • Feeling like the ankle is dislocated
If you have a stress fracture or are at risk of getting one, then you would greatly benefit from wearing some form of ankle support that has the ability to minimize swelling and pain. The only effective ankle support products on the market that accomplish all of this is a Magnetic Ankle Support Brace or a Magnetic Therapy Ankle Brace. The Magnetic Ankle Support Brace eases pain from moderate levels of pain and inflammation in the ankles resulting from Arthritis, sprains and strains. It provides optimal comfort, support and excellent shock absorption. The Magnetic Therapy Ankle Brace provides the most effective relief for higher levels of ankle pain and swelling resulting from ankle sprains, fractures, tendinitis and arthritis. The former is protective and preventative. The latter mentioned brace is protective and therapeutic.

Sunday, May 3

Stress Relief Resources

People are experiencing loads of stress like never before. We live in a complicated society with complicated problems. There are so many issues going on that people don't seem to know where to turn to.

I have a number of stress relief resources that I assembled and am constantly working on that I believe is quite helpful for individuals experiencing any form of stress: Mental, Physical and Spiritual. If you are armed with information, you are more successful at treating your problems. Here are some stress relief resources at your disposal:
If you would like to see more or specific stress relief resources made available, please contact me. I love helping people and providing people with helpful information.
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