Wednesday, March 3

Weather Affecting Your Mood?

With all of the nasty weather we've been having here in New York, it's easy to get "under the weather" and stay there for a bit. However, the weather doesn't have to affect your mood unless you allow it to.

It doesn't matter if you are in the snowy, cold New York City area or in a town that's normally got great weather but has fallen prey to a dismal climate.  There are things you can do to keep yourself or get yourself out of a funk:
* For one, don't stay indoors with the lights dim. That just adds to a funky mood.  Regardless of the weather, spend some time outdoors (ie movies, shopping)

* If the weather is just too foul, take some much needed time to pamper yourself.  There are so many relaxation products available on the market that you can use at home while huddled up with a good cup of hot cocoa and comedy dvd.

* Turn up the lights, dust off your computer and start writing your autobiography.  Or better yet, how about a good fiction piece? It's ok if it's not real "writer's quality."  This is for your entertainment and who knows. You may discover a hidden talent!

There's no reason to sit around letting the weather affect your mood.  Now get up and do something!
About the author: Michelle Howard Smith is the founder of  She writes about ways to reduce and prevent stress and pain.  At the heart of her service is the belief that stress and pain are connected.  If you focus on reducing stress, you will reduce your instance of pain.  If you enjoyed this post, sign up for the Stress Less newsletter to received additional methods for managing the stress in your life.

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