Tuesday, March 9

Reduce Migraines and Headaches In an Instant

Pain in the neck and shoulders is often a result of stress to the area. Maybe it's due to long work hours or just plain pore posture, if you keep your neck and spine aligned you will notice a serious reduction in neck pain.

The Result: Reduced instances of headaches and migraines, resting more comfortably,  and overall feeling of wellness

There are many products available on the market to reduce neck pain and strain but I'd like to introduce you to one that many people are not aware of...Buckwheat.

Buckwheat therapy products like buckwheat hull pillows are so beneficial because the buckwheat hulls in the pillow encourage natural circulation of air between the hulls and the pillow.  Combined with aromatherapy within the pillow, the gentle scent of lavender reduces mental and physical fatigue.

Learn more about Buckwheat hull pillows


  1. Those buckwheat pillows sound like a great way to reducing pain in the neck and shoulders!

    Another great way to relieve stress in your shoulders and back is floating in warm salt tanks! They are just like the floating in the Dead Sea. www.floatspasandiego.com

  2. Hi,

    If you are suffering from stress factors then make use of Steam Sauna


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