Friday, March 26

#1 Reason Women Say No To Sex

I'll bet that one caught your attention huh?

It's no secret that us women can do a hundred different things and sex not even cross the brain. However, let it be a man.  Men think about sex all of the time!  Just answer me one question...What on earth does grocery shopping have to do with sex?  I rest my case.

So, to answer the question or rather address the statement.  The number one reason women say no to sex is STRESS.  Yes, that's right.

When we are under pressure to pay bills, when the kids are stressing us out all day and even when our husbands think they are slick by skipping out on chores, leaving us to do it all (oh wait, that was my bad)...You get the picture!  Sex is the LAST thing on the list of priorities when we are stressed out.

Now, some men may think she made that up. Nope. Not only would I bet that a number of women will agree with me, a research study was also conducted and the findings were reported in SHAPE magazine.

How you like them apples men.  The next time you are so hot for sex, take the kids for a day, clean the house and pay all the bills.  We'll be ripe for the pickin' then.

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