Saturday, March 6

Warm Up Those Cold Hands and Feet

While we will enjoy warmer temperatures in a couple of months, there's nothing like cold hands and feet to damper a mood!

If you are stuck indoors, there's a tendency to start feeling down.  I was thinking about my last post about The Weather Affecting Your Mood and thought of some more ways to help you keep your spirits up why the weather is funky outdoors.

If you live in a place where you have no control over your own heat, there's a chance you won't get satisfactory heat when you want it.  Even if you live in your own house, there could be times where you don't want to crank up the heat due to the rising costs of fuel.  In either event, the first thing that's affected is your hands and feet and if you are anything like me, you hate having cold hands and feet!

So, how can you warm up those cold hands and feet?

Here are a couple of ways:

* Microwave 2 clean pair of socks on high for 10 seconds.  Run hands and feet under warm (not hot) water and then moisturize with a thick cream to seal in moisture.  Immediately after, put one pair of the warmed socks and one pair on your feet. Toasty!

* Don't want to go the "creative" route, then a portable TDP Lamp offers a great solution.  TDP Lamps are useful for reducing inflammation and soreness and are popularly sold throughout the winter months. BUT, they are also great for simply heating up your cold limbs

Don't suffer for one minute with cold hands and feet.  I've just given you two ways to heat them and neither of them will break your budget

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