Friday, March 12

Sinus Pain Relief Remedies So You Can Finally Rest

Sinus pressure is major cause of headaches, dizziness and tenderness to the sinus area.  The cause of sinus pain could be a bacterial infection, the common cold or something more serious.  If you don't have any sinus pain relief after a week or so, you should consult a doctor to rule out more serious problems.

In the meantime, treating sinus pain is relatively easy and in most instances, it can be done right in your own home.

There a number of remedies for sinus pain relief:

  1. Steam water with added peppermint essential oil and inhale the vapor
  2. Take pharmaceutical drugs to relieve the pressure
  3. Apply a sinus pain relief pillow to the affected area. The sinus soother applies slight pressure with a mix of peppermint and eucalyptus for decongesting aromatherapy
  4. Apply a warm compress to the sinus area
  5. Nasal irrigation with a Neti pot (performed by a physician or you can get one at Whole Foods)
Regardless to the method you choose, sinus pain relief is available.  If one method doesn't work, try another.

About the author: Michelle Howard Smith is the founder of  She writes about ways to reduce and prevent stress and pain.  At the heart of her service is the belief that stress and pain are connected.  If you focus on reducing stress, you will reduce your instance of pain.  If you enjoyed this post, sign up for the Stress Less newsletter to received additional methods for managing the stress in your life.

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