Friday, March 27

Using Magnets to Ease Pain

In my search of methods for natural pain relief and pain management, I discovered an interesting and very effective natural pain relief method. Of course, I didn't actually discover it as a new way to ease pain. I just discovered it in my life. It's magnet therapy.

As someone who manages an online stress relief website, I wanted to make sure I wasn't just selling products. I wanted to have a personal experience with most, if not all of my stress relief products. I feel that one very big arena for stress is pain. If you are in pain, how can you possibly be at peace?

In November 2008, I had double foot surgery that I thought would be a piece of cake. My doctor said I'd be up and walking in around
2 weeks. Well, while that wasn't entirely a lie, it also wasn't the whole truth. The numbness, tingling and burning sensation I experienced was not expected and it was more than a bit annoying. It kept me from sleeping. I was laid up in the bed most of the time and so I began to make use of that time by browsing the web for new products for natural pain relief that I could offer on my site. That's when I discovered Magnet Therapy.

Many people choose Magnet therapy also known as Magnetic therapy as an alternative form of natural pain relief for conditions such as arthritis and injuries. Magnet Therapy is an effective form of pain management that helps to promote faster healing and has has been well documented over many years by many cultures.

So, when I came across this company that manufactured Magnetic Therapy products, I decided to try the magnets to help ease my own pain. I purchased a small neodymium magnet kit for my personal use. When I received the magnets, I was a little unsure if they would provide pain relief. At the very least I knew that I could send it back and it was safe.

Well, I used those magnets and very much to my surprise within 5 minutes I was experiencing quick relief from the burning sensation and numbness in my right big toe and on the side of my right foot. I was able to sleep soundly with the large magnet affixed to my big toe. You see, you don't have to have but one magnet affixed with some surgical tape to the affected area. It is most effective and I highly recommend this magnetic therapy for anyone who has had surgery.

Of course, there are precautions you need to be aware of. While magnetic therapy is very safe, you can not use this form of natural pain relief if you have any implanted electronic medical devices in your body or you use transdermal drug patches.

You should also know that the
effectiveness of the magnet is determined by the gauss rating, thickness, diameter and spacing of the magnet. Not all magnets are created equally so you should do your homework. Surely, I stand behind our magnets and there is of course a 30 day return policy so if you are not satisfied (which I highly doubt), you can return the magnets less any shipping costs.

As authorized resellers for magnetic therapy products, we offer discounted pricing on our therapeutic medical grade magnets and you get them shipped directly from the manufacturer. It's a win win situation. Lower prices, same quality.

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