Thursday, March 12

Chips Under Pressure

When just reading the title, "Chips Under Pressure", one could assume many things. One could think that I'm about to talk about someone who falls apart when facing stressful situations.

On the contrary, I'm talking about potatoe chips! More specifically, eating as a way to deal with life's circumstances. Commonly termed "emotional eating", turning toward food as a way to relieve stress is a very common, yet costly practice. I personally deal with food issues, specifically snacks. The only difference is I don't turn to food to relieve stress. I tend to snack as a form of recreation. Basically, when I'm bored I go overboard with snacking. However, neither boredom nor stress are acceptable reasons to develop a relationship with food. Food is supposed to fulfill basic physical needs to sustain life. Food should not be used to fulfill a need that should be filled by other means. While I've not perfected this area in my life, I want to write about it as a way to identify with others.

Having a food addiction or self control problem is not an easy thing to defeat. It is helpful to have a support system to assist you with food issues... just like AA. Someone mentioned to me once that Over Eaters Anonymous was a helpful group. I'm thinking of checking that out myself. If I decide this is the right support group for me, I'll share my findings.

If you have a success story you would like to share where eating problems are concerned, please share it. Your story can be an encouragement to others and I'd like to dedicate this post to doing just that. I want this post to be a sort of forum, an outlet for others to talk about their issues, concerns and problems with using food as a crutch. All are welcome.

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