Tuesday, March 24

Beginning with the End in Mind

One of the habits in Stephen Covey's book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People" is Beginning with the end in mind. While the book talks about having a clear understanding of your destination so you can get a better understanding of where you are now, thereby keeping you on track with the right steps toward that direction, I'd like to focus on how beginning with the end in mind benefits you as it relates to stress in your life.

Whenever you begin a task, no matter how small or how great, you should do two things:
  1. Have a mapped out plan that includes detailed steps to get you to your accomplished destination or completed task
  2. Work proactively towards succeeding at the task at hand
Focusing on your desired results prevents you from building up stress. It's sort of like Walking by Faith. Regardless of the obstacles that may cross your path, you are focusing on your desired result. Nothing else matters. If along the way, the steps you mapped out to the destination or desired result need a little "tweaking", stay flexible and make the adjustments but keep the end in mind, focusing on the victory. Focusing on victory vs. failure is what keeps you progressing and helps fight off the stress of worry and feelings of inadequacy.

Try it and you will notice that not only will your attitude be positive, you will also notice that you wont' be as easily discouraged.
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