Monday, March 16

Cleaning House

Cleaning house can be very therapeutic when you are experiencing stress. It's a great stress management technique that can help take your mind off your problems. Not only is it a great stress management technique, your home will love you afterwards! The smell of freshness through out the house alone is a great stress reliever.

My children sometimes do things that can work my nerves if I let them. I ask them to do things and its as if I'm talking to myself. My oldest leaves his clothing and shoes all over the house and then comes and goes like my house is a hotel. Well, fortunately he was gone for the day and I was tired of looking at his mess. It was beginning to truly stress me out. So, not only did I clean up the entire house, I sanitized my bathroom and kitchen based on some research I've done about keeping your home clean of germs. Of course, nobody can rid their home of germs 100% but you can at least make it so that no sickness causing germs are lurking around. I'm in a process of writing a very comprehensive e-book about germs which will be available to anyone who makes a purchase on my Stress Relief website. I should have it completed by April 1st.

So, if you are experiencing a little stress and need an outlet, go turn on some music and get to cleaning!

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