Thursday, October 1

3 U's that Cause Stress

It's hard to believe but the TRUE causes of stress are not what you read in the papers or what you hear in the doctor's office while laying down on his or her couch. If the causes of stress that you are used to hearing about were really the root causes, don't you think that you would have eliminated those causes by now?  Many people can't form into the words why stress is such a big problem.

Ok, so what are the causes of stress?
Summarized in three little words that begin with U (no, not YOU): Uncertainty, Unrealistic Expectations and Unresolved conflict.
That's it.  No, it's not money.  Money problems stem from one of the three U's.
Let me explain:

The uncertainties of life will cause you stress if you allow yourself to worry about them continuously. Some things you can control. Others you can't.  With a firm faith in God and relationship with Him, you can be certain that He will take care of all of your needs.  You won't need to stress because you believe that God is your source and will supply of whatever need you have.

Unrealistic Expectations
Comparing yourself to someone else, what someone else has or what someone else can do is a major cause of stress.  You set unrealistic expectations when you do this because you can not  guarantee that your success, physical appearance, bank account or whatever will match that of what you are comparing yourself and ultimately your life to.  That's not to say that you should not set goals.  However, you must be content in the state that you are in before you can climb higher.

Unresolved Conflict
Holding on to unforgiveness or bitterness against another will causes unresolved conflict in your life.  This unresolved conflict will cause you stress because because it will affect your sleep, your thought life and your overall demeanor.  While you are replaying the offense or problem over and again in your head, that person is going on with their life or the situation remains unchanged.   Deal with any conflict in your life as soon as it arises, forgive and move on.

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