Tuesday, October 6

What's Your State's Stress Level?

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that us individuals are not the only ones to experience stress? On the contrary, whole counties, states and nations also experience stress and are susceptible to high stress levels.

Yahoo recently released results from Associated Press' Economic Stress Index. Scores are calculated from 1 to 100 for counties within a state and factors such as unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates have the biggest impact. Counties within a state are considered under high stress levels when its score exceeds 11.

I was quite interested in this due to the fact that I live in New York, working in New York City.  People always think that New York City is one of number one states with the highest stress levels.  Well, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Previously Nevada (21.32), Michigan (17.59) and California (16.31) topped the list of the most economically stressed states.

The most stressed counties were Imperial County, Calif. (31.83); Yuma County, Ariz. (27.58); Merced County, California (24.28); Lyon County, Nevada (24.02); and Lauderdale, Tennessee (23.56).

The states with the biggest year-to-year increases in economic stress in August were Nevada, Oregon and Michigan.

Isn't that something?  Who would have thought that these states that you don't hear much from were higher in stress levels than the famously fast paced New York City.  That gives you something to think about.

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