Thursday, June 4

Alternative Pain Relief for Arthritis

Do You or Does Someone You Know Suffer with Arthritis?

Then you need to be armed with information before determining or continuing your course of pain relief treatment.

Here are some startling facts about Arthritis:
  • As of 2005, the The National Arthritis Data Workgroup reported that approximately 46 million Americans are afflicted with Rheumatoid arthritis
  • The average American is at a 13.5% risk of getting arthritis as reported by the CDC (Center for Disease Control)
  • Joint pain due to arthritis can limit sexual activity. While drugs is an option to alleviate pain, in some cases drugs can reduce sexual desire
  • More than 60% of arthritis patients are women
  • The most common side effects for taking medication to alleviate arthritis pain are: bleeding ulcers, upper gastrointestinal problems, mild weakness in the arm and leg muscles, easy skin bruising, blurred vision, mood swings and even death as a complication

While these facts about arthritis are very alarming, there is better news. If you or someone you knows suffers from arthritis, please know there is safe help available. There are alternative pain relief products on the market that can help to ease and in many case completely eliminate your pain. One particular form of alternative pain relief for arthritis that I'd like to address in this post is Magnetic Therapy. Over 300 peer reviewed studies have been conducted by major universities and hospitals around the world. The results were that magnetic therapy is safe and effective.

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

A short explanation would be that applying magnetic therapy to an area where there is pain and swelling causes your capillary walls and surrounding tissues to safely relax, increase blood flow and provide more oxygen to the affected area so that inflammation is reduced and your body can heal itself faster. Your pain and swelling are the result of an electromagnetic field being out of balance.

Note that the correct size, strength and placement of the magnets used in magnetic therapy is critical. You can not use just any ole magnet product unless you want to expect any ole results.

Stop suffering with pain, consider the side effects of traditional medicine and give magnetic therapy a try today.

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