Sunday, May 31

Safe Stress and Pain Relief

Happy Sunday! A few days ago I left you with the following questions to ponder:
  1. What type of stress am I under?
  2. How do I handle pain?
  3. Do I take medication more than once per week for pain?
  4. Is it really safe for me to take medication for pain?
I hope you took the time to really ponder your answers to these questions. The purpose was not to for me to be deep but to for you to be deep, to get you to look at how you manage pain and stress. I want to show you that you don't have to manage or handle your stress and pain the way the rest of the world does - the common ways that are not even safe for you.
There IS a Safe and Effective Way to Manage Stress and Pain.

The Solution is quite simple and nothing new really. Your Safe Effective way to manage stress and pain lies in Alternative Health Products. See, I told you it was nothing earth shattering. Most of you probably even figured it out before I wrote this post. There are different types of Alternative Health Products but the ones I have found to be effective are Chi Health Products, Magnetic Therapy Products and TDP Lamps.

Magnetic Therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Magnetic therapy treatment is recommended for the relief of joint and muscle pain, inflammation and stiffness. Magnetic therapy treatment has been shown to help speed up the healing process.

Chi Health Products are alternative health products that the Chinese promote in their health practices. The Chinese believe that sicknesses and infirmities are attributed primarily to imbalances in the chi (vital life functions) of the body.

TDP Lamps focus on providing deep heat which reduces inflammation and facilitates the stimulation of the warmth and comfort of another actual person.

Here is what I'd like to offer my readers. If you are experiencing stress or pain, First I would like for you to try an alternative health or alternative pain relief product. You have 30 days to try one of these products and if you are not completely satisfied, I will take the product back, no questions asked. The only cost you will incur is the cost to have the product shipped to you. You will not even have to pay to ship it back. Isn't that fair? Second, To Help You even further I want to offer you 10% Off Any of the Alternative Health Products available on the site. That's how convinced I am based on my own personal use of the Alternative Pain Relief Products. Just Use Coupon Code STBLGR and 10% will automatically be deducted from your total order. This offer is good Only Until April 10th. Buy Stress Relief and Alternative Pain Relief Products Now

I am Offering a Third Bonus to anyone willing to try one of these alternative health products. After you have used your Alternative Health Product for a while (I don't anticipate you returning it), I would love it if you would write and share your story. As a matter of fact, my partner has an international radio show and I will arrange for you to share your story live on the radio. This could be free press for your business as well, if you have one.

Shop for Alternative Health Products Here

Have A Stress Free, Pain Free Awesome Day!


  1. Excellent work doctor. Metabolic syndrome really affects the heart conditions, and may lead to a severe heart failure. And as you informed in your post, an unhealthy lifestyle can be main cause of the issue. Including smoking and lack of exercise, stress is becoming prominent factor for causes of heart diseases. In this time of recession, a large amount of workload is levied on the workers, so as to high stressed environment, leading to an unhealthy living. This is becoming an issue worldwide. And this also affects the eating, and exercise habits resulting into further deterioration of one’s health. So, it is advisable that we keep a constant track of our health so as to suppress any major disease that might be harmful to our living. A regular medical checkup and diagnosis is required so as to sustain one’s health. I personally have enrolled my family to a protection plus plan from Elite health at Los Angeles. They provide us facilities that include e-Consultation, 24x7 accesses to doctors, nutritional advice. These facilities help us maintain a healthy life throughout, also in such stressful conditions.

  2. Ha ha not a doctor but I do work hard to educate myself and research a variety of stress and pain related topics so I can help others


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