Thursday, May 7

Ankle Stress Fractures

Did you know that your ankles and feet have a high risk of stress fractures if any of the following conditions applies?:
  • You play high impact sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis
  • You run track
  • You have decreased bone mass due to hormonal imbalances
  • You are a dancer
  • You had a previous ankle injury
Stress fractures are a small fracture that occur in the bone as a result of your muscles lacking the ability to absorb the shock from a high impact.

Some symptoms that indicate that you may have an ankle stress fracture are:
  • General, unexplained swelling throughout the foot and ankle

  • Difficulty walking on the foot/ankle without feeling pain

  • Pain, bruising or a popping sensation in the ankle directly after an injury

  • Feeling like the ankle is dislocated
If you have a stress fracture or are at risk of getting one, then you would greatly benefit from wearing some form of ankle support that has the ability to minimize swelling and pain. The only effective ankle support products on the market that accomplish all of this is a Magnetic Ankle Support Brace or a Magnetic Therapy Ankle Brace. The Magnetic Ankle Support Brace eases pain from moderate levels of pain and inflammation in the ankles resulting from Arthritis, sprains and strains. It provides optimal comfort, support and excellent shock absorption. The Magnetic Therapy Ankle Brace provides the most effective relief for higher levels of ankle pain and swelling resulting from ankle sprains, fractures, tendinitis and arthritis. The former is protective and preventative. The latter mentioned brace is protective and therapeutic.

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