Wednesday, January 28

This too shall pass...

Choosing to stress over things that are outside of your span of control is pretty useless.

Case study: Husband and wife are used to always buying whatever they want and living comfortably. Husband loses job. Wife is the sole provider until husband finds new employment.

Decisions will affect your actions and actions will affect your habits and habits will affect your character.

The wife can decide to stress over her husband’s loss of “bread and butter” or she can choose (another decision) to be thankful that at least she is employed and the mortgage will still be paid. If she chooses the former and decides to stress, then the next step will be a series of actions that will cause fights and arguments. Those fights and arguments can get really dirty. As a result, husband or wife may experience feelings of unappreciation and begin to retaliate against those actions with other actions such as adultery. Adultery gives you a new character. The adulterer is now a liar and a cheat. All because a decision to be thankful verses being stressed was made.

Of course, this case is text book and not all things work out this way but …it could. Consider the next time you have an opportunity to stress out. Remember, the old cliché. “This too shall pass.”

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