Friday, January 16

Resilience Under Pressure

Hello People-

As I think about yesterday's jet crash landing into the Hudson River, I wonder do people really know how blessed they are? There's no stress like being submerged under water in an airplane. So, do you know some people actually got on a plane the next day? That's what I call resilience.

Folks, let's be real. Most of us will never be in a plane crash. Most people deal with every day stress such as not being able to pay the bills, or relationship tensions. Whatever it is, do you know that your stress is nothing compared to what those people went through yesterday.

We are living in a time where stress is at an all time high and people need to become more resilient under pressure. Things will only get worse......or will it? Maybe it's your outlook on life that determines your level of stress. Something to think about. Peace

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