Friday, January 23

A Sad and Stressful Day

Death is something that we will all face some day. However, there's nothing as sad and stressful as losing a loved one to death.

So, I'm going to my best friend's grandmother's funeral. She was 88. I guess we should be thankful that she did get to live a long life. However, she died a painful and emotional death to cancer. I grew up with this woman. She loved my friend so. Sometimes I think she loved her more than her own daughters. I can only imagine the pain that my friend is going through. From this point I'll call her Taylor.

Taylor has been under a great deal of stress since she found out that grandma was sick. Those days of wondering if and when she'd never see grandma again were so very stressful. Then in the last moments when grandma was in the hospital, Taylor stayed with her hours each day and in the end when she finally went home to take a rest, grandma died. After all of that time, grandma died when she stepped away. Can you imagine the stress and guilt Taylor is feeling?

I share this story because many people experience losing a loved one while they are not physically together. I want to encourage you that, it's not your fault. No one knows the day or the hour of a person's final hours on this earth. Give yourself a break. I'm pretty sure that your loved one does not blame you for not being there.

I don't know whose heart this entry has touched. I just hope I encouraged someone and I pray that you do not stress or feel guilty over losing someone you loved.

Off to the funeral I go

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