Friday, February 27

Simplifying Your Life

I recently bought a book by Joyce Meyers, "100 Ways to Simplify Your Life." While I'm not yet through all one ways, I certainly say that I'm picking up quite a few nuggets along the way.

The one I am focusing on today is that of getting enough rest. For starters, you are no good to yourself or anyone else if you are operating on "E" and are burned out. One way to have a simple life is to make sure you get enough rest. I've always had a hard time with this one because I always feel I have to work and work until things are completed and then on top of that I suffer with a "I must get it perfect" spirit.

So, I've committed to simplify my life by getting enough rest going forward. Just as the Heavenly Father, God took one day to rest, it's wise that as human beings we do the same.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a good read, I will try and check it out.



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