Thursday, February 12

No Rest for the Weary

The word "recession" is nothing new these days. Companies are laying off thousands due to the economic crisis. At the company I work at, upper management received a cut of their salaries by 10%. Truly the belt is being tightened all around. Some thought that it was a national crisis but it's quickly become an world crisis. Stress is at an all time high and people are scurrying to find quick stress relief.

I submit to you that while all of this is going on, where is your hope? Do you place your hope in the past? the foretold future? Is your hope in your bank account? Is your hope in our new president? Where do you go to for stress relief? All of these sources are subject to error. Is God your hope? Is He your source of stress relief? He's the only source of true hope and He never fails. If you put your trust in Him today, you will not only obtain relief from stress but you can feel safe and secure that while there is no rest for the weary, "He gives His beloved sleep."

Be Encouraged

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