Wednesday, January 6

Knock Out The Kinks with Massage Stones

You know that getting a massage is the (thee for emphasis!) way to go when you need some good old fashion stress relief.  If you don't know then you should try it if even just a mini massage at one of those kiosks at the mall.

Adding massage stones increases the effectiveness of a massage.  The massage stones allow for a deep tissue manipulation that a regular massage can not match.

Massage therapists are well versed on the effectiveness of massage stones. However, getting a professional hot or cold stone massage can be a little pricey.  Also, massage stones can be used for a number of treatments other than massage.

There are a number of at home treatments you can experience with massage stones that go beyond the typical massage:

* Palm/Manicure treatments
* Tension release in the neck
* Easing of menstrual cramps
* Reduction of swollen eyes
* Relaxation of the thighs and buttocks

The type of home treatment you are interested in will determine the type of stone you will use. Basalt stones.  Marble stones are used for hot stone treatments and are used for cold stone treatments.


Hot Basalt stones are used to release rigid tight muscles in the palms of the hands just before getting a manicure

Cold Marble stones can be used therapeutically to reduce swelling and wrinkles around the eye area

Click the link to view an assortment of Hot and Cold Massage stones.
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