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Contrasting Cold & Hot Stones and How They Can Help You

The reason I started this blog was not just to sell products. On the contrary, it is my goal to also educate people on the importance of how to care for the body once it has encountered illness or injury. With that, the other day I wrote a post about Hot Stones and how they can benefit you.  Did you see it?  I hope so because at some time or another in your life, you will experience pain and popping pills is not the safe way to go.

Today I want to share with you the benefits of cold stones.

Cold stone massage is a form of cryotherapy which is used in medical treatments for when using cold is appropriate.  The difference between hot stones and cold stones is not only the application but also the type of stones used and the types of benefits experienced.

Cold stone massage is performed with marble stones while hot stone massage is performed with basalt stones. The reason is that marble is more effective at maintaining colder temperatures and basalt is excellent at maintaining hot temperatures.  This is due to the natural make up of the the two types of stones.  Both cold and hot stones are effective for increasing the therapeutic benefits of massage but even more than that.

Now that I'm explained the differences between hot and cold stones, let's look at the specific benefits of cold stones.

Cold Stone Benefits:

  • When placed over the sinuses, cold stones help to decongest and relieve sinus pressure
  •  Reduces wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area
  •  Shrinks swelling resulting from injuries. The cold stones help to release accumulated blood in the muscles and surrounding tissues.  An example of this would be when you get puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyes.  The cold stones can greatly alleviate the swelling- Even better than cucumbers!
  • Decreasing muscles spasms that result from injury, stress or exercise
  • Positions tense muscles to be massaged so that the pressure applied during massage is easier tolerated
    Cold stone therapy and cold stone massage treatments can be costly when done by a professional masseuse.  You can however still benefit from cold stone treatments in the privacy from your own home.  Step on over to to get a better understanding of the types of Cold marble stones and hot basalt stones available.
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