Wednesday, September 23

Stress - Things to Consider

As a stress and alternative pain relief infopreneur, I thought it befitting to do a series on stress and pain relief.  I won't make each post very long, just long enough for you to digest the points and ponder them over until the next point.

Starting with the topic of stress, there are some things that you really need to know.  Some of them you may already know.  Others may be an eye opener or even a refresher.  In any case, if you are going to be successful at managing your stress levels or meeting stress head on by using some techniques I'll share down the line, then you must first be armed with guess what? INFORMATION.  Yippee my favorite word.

Let's get started.  What is Stress? 

A simplified yet very practical definition is: Stress is physical, chemical, or emotional pressure causing your body or mind to experience tension that may result in disease or illness.

Now that's a pretty serious definition.  Think about it for a while.  I'll be back in a couple of days to build upon it.

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