Friday, September 11

Detox Your Mind for Stress Relief

I'm off the organization kick and on the detox kick now. There are so many ways for you to find stress relief that I am going to share as many as I can find and share them with you.

Today I want to talk about detoxing your mind with aromatherapy for stress relief.

There are ten key therapeutic essential oils beneficial for detoxifying your mind:

Atlas Cedarwood

These therapeutic essential oils are very potent and can be administered for stress relief in 3 main ways:
  • Diluted with a carrier oil such as almond oil followed by a full body massage
  • Added to bath water for a relaxing soak that allows the oils to penetrate your skin, traveling through your bloodstream for natural wellness
  • Added to steaming hot water for inhalation
In a few days I will talk about another way to help ease stress...Relaxing breathing techniques

Michelle Howard Smith is a stress and pain relief professional helping individuals to address health from a natural perspective. She distributes Young Living essential oils under distributor # 1066504. Subscribe to The Stress Less newsletter to receive information on stress and pain management.

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