Wednesday, February 3

What Organizing System Is Right For You?

Part of the chaos we as humans find ourselves in when trying to get organized is trying to do things the way everyone else does them.  Well, it's a fact that what works for one person does not work for another.

There a bunch of different systems and techniques available to help you get organized but you should decide on hot to organize and which organizing system to use based on your personality.  Some of the organizing systems are very methodical and may be a bit too "anal" for some.

Here are 2 of organizing systems that I have come across and recommend based on the ease of use and the quality information given by the program creators:

Clutter Bugs - Get organized with almost no spending.

Clutter Diet - Offers a free Report, "30 Ways to Get Organized"

Check one or both of these systems out and share your experience.  What's nice is they both offer free information and affordable solutions.

Note that if you choose to purchase any of the systems above or related products, I will receive an affiliate commission.  HOWEVER, I will never recommend crap.  I like these organizing systems for their simplicity and the fact that they make organizing kind of fun!  I have not received any compensation for recommending the products to you.
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