Monday, February 8

Tips to Help You Clear Clutter

Have you ever heard of the term, "stuck on stupid?"  It basically means a state of being where a person is totally clueless.  Well, I think we have all been there. Especially when it comes to organizing our lives and clearing out the clutter that keeps us from being productive.  What other term could you call yourself other than "stuck on stupid" when you continue to do the same things to relieve the stress of disorganization but continue to get the same results?

Below are some tips for helping you to clear clutter. Some are based on tips provided by the two organizing systems I shared with you in my post, "What Organizing System Is Right For You?"  Others are my own.

  • "The best thing you can do to find balance and get organized is take care of yourself" Get organized with Clutterbugs!

  • Assign a place for everything (files, keys, makeup etc.) and put things back in their proper place as soon as you are done with them.

  • Schedule time to clear your clutter several times a year and let nothing interfere.  Turn off the tv, radio and phones to get things done.  This can include clearing out your medicine cabinet of expired medicines, giving away/throwing away old clothes & shoes, shredding papers you no longer need,  cleaning out the purse it takes you 5 minutes to find your keys in and even clearing out your kitchen cabinets.  Don't you think it's about time to get rid of that chipped plate?  Oh wait that's my bad :)
  • Try Green Living.  You will eliminate waste faster. (ex: no more corners cluttered with plastic bags!)

  • Be realistic with yourself.  Clutter doesn't happen over night and it won't clear out over night. Take time each day to work on a task of clearing clutter, uninterrupted
Again, while I may receive an affiliate commission if you choose to subscribe or buy from Clutter Bugs or Clutter Diet, I will never recommend you buy or even try a product if it isn't worth it.  Reaping what you have sown is real (I started to say "...a mother" but then realized that may be construed as a naughty saying...I digress *sigh)
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