Tuesday, December 8

Why Forgive - Reasons for Forgiving

When a person hurts or upsets you, do you sometimes feel like you couldn't possibly forgive them?  You are not part of a rare breed.

Forgiveness is not always easy but is extremely necessary - necessary if you are going to live a peaceful, productive and whole life.  There are a number of reasons why you should always forgive, no matter what has been done to you. Of course, it's easier said than done but it's possible to always forgive. I will share ways you can learn to forgive in a few days but check out a few reasons for forgiving:
  • When you forgive, you release the past and the pain
  • When you forgive, God will forgive you for your sins
  • When you don't forgive, you are opening a door for evil to be present in your life
There are many other reasons why you should forgive people when they offend you.  In addition to sharing some little know ways you can learn to forgive, I will provide you with a complete, comprehensive list of more reasons why forgiveness is necessary. Stay tuned


  1. Hi Michelle

    I read this post with interest. How would you define forgiveness? Do you believe it is just turning the other cheek? Or do you have another definition?

    I was also wondering how you define sin, and why you relate sin to forgiveness.

    Kind regards
    Elsabe Smit

  2. Hi Elsabe-

    I wouldn't say that forgiveness is necessarily turning the other cheek. There are times when a person can do something to offend you and you can let them know without flying off the handle and without ignoring what has been done. Forgiving can include acknowledging an offense yet choosing to not carry a grudge. It's a conscious act of your will. You may not feel like forgiving but once you set your will to do so, your feelings will follow.

    Sin is defined as a transgression against the commandments of God. When we sin against another person, we are actually sinning against God. That's the reason He commands us in the Bible to forgive.

    I'm not sure of what your beliefs are but in having a personal relationship with God, I've come to understand that God expects us to forgive because His Son Jesus paid the ultimate price for us to be forgiven.


  3. When I look deeply I find that the heart is always willing to forgive, its the mind with its thoughts and conditioning that keeps bringing up reasons to continue living in resentment.

    Forgiveness looks like a weakness to the mind. A vulnerability. The more free I become of the mind the easier it is to forgive.

  4. I somewhat agree. Sometimes however people shut their hearts to the idea of forgiveness when they've been hurt really badly.


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