Thursday, August 13

Natural Insomnia Remedies - 2

Not being able to sleep is really a bummer (for lack of a better word). You can't adequately function when you don't get enough rest. I have quite a few natural insomnia remedies to recommend to those who have insomnia and are having difficulty sleeping. For the sake of not reading your eyes off (since you are probably tired anyway), I'll offer two each day until you know them all. Here we go:
  1. Avoid eating sweets before bedtime. Foods high in carbs can cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash. Having an up and down blood sugar party makes it difficult for you to sleep. If you must snack, do so with a small amount of lean protein and whole grains (ex: a turkey cold cut - without nitrates or nitrites in it, on a whole wheat cracker)

  2. No Caffeine. This is nothing new but deserves to be reinforced. Caffeine can keep you up at night so have your last cup 4 hours ahead of time
Back in a few days with 2 more! Try these and let me know how they work.

Michelle is a full time working mother of three. She enjoys doing research related to alternative health and has helped many people to achieve natural pain relief. Subscribe to Michelle's monthly Stress Less newsletter for stress relief information.

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  1. If you are suffering from sleep problems such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea, you need to consider this problem seriously and adopt specific measures at the earliest to get back your sleep. Regular exercising is one of the options to ensure sound sleep at night. Altogether, if you are unable to get adequate sleep during night, you can undertake certain initiatives to overcome your sleep problems such as fixing your sleeping as well as waking schedule and abstaining from alcohol, nicotine, tea, coffee et al before hitting the bed.

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