Wednesday, July 8

What Do You See Wednesdays

I decided to start something new on Wednesdays. While I will continue to offer useful information and other content, I'd like to begin what I'm calling "What Do You See Wednesdays." The plan is to post a photo every Wednesday that I want you to look at carefully and tell me what you see. Everyone will have a different reaction of course because it won't just be a photo of a house or something but it will be an abstract photo. There are no right or wrong answers but I welcome everyone to comment (respectfully) on why you think someone is seeing an image one way vs. the way you may see it. Make sense? Don't worry it will in time.

The purpose of these "What Do You Sees" is to get people to really take a look at their perspectives and how they view things. Some people look at a glass half empty and some half full so to speak. The interesting thing is many people don't even realize if they are focusing on the negative vs. the positive side of life.

Oh and just for humoring me, I'll be offering complimentary information products, e-books etc. for those who respond with a thorough and complete response within 24 hours of the post each week. No junk replies please. They will be disregarded.

Today's complimentary product is an e-book you will find filled with useful information to help you make it through the summer. I will send you the e-book within 24 hours of your reply. Here is your first image:

What Do You See?

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